Greasers Vs. Psychos

topic posted Thu, February 3, 2005 - 10:21 AM by  Mr. Black
Whats the difference between Greasers and Psychos. i consider myself a Greaser and get pissed when people call me psycho but what do you think the difference is?
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Mr. Black
  • Greasers use pomade in their pomps and Psycho's use aquanet to create aerodynamic hair creations :) GIve me a greaser anyday!
    • Thats the part that i Love the most about being a Greaser. All greasers take their time in doin a nice pomp. my hair is too short rite now so i only take about 15-20 min doin my hair. but i remember i used to take about an hour couple months ago.
      • I love watchin my male friends do their hair..... Such a turn on...
        • Ahhhh, yes, I'm a Royal Crown man myself. unfortunately I spend about 20 seconds a day "doing" my hair. Grease it up comb it back thats it.

          by your definition though, Brian (ugh) Setzer would be a Psycho.....that little nambypambygelwearinsellout. (damn, did I say that out loud again?)

          But anyway.........Damn Jenny~O you are a hottie
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            Used to use Royal Crown before I shaved my head.
            Love a good pomp but I'm lazy to much work for me.
            Re: Brian Setzer sellout or not that man is a hell of a gitaur player. Well imho anyway..
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              shaved heads

              man, I always wondered what i could do, being bald enough that a pomp is completely out of the question (even if I had more hair, it would be more curly than pomade could cure). I'd say I would be more on the greaser side of style though. I guess I'll be a greaser gramps or something, mostly bald, very short haired, and condemned to old age at 26.

              • Ya, what if you dig the scene, have the ride, but don't have the 'do?
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                  The ride

                  I can't even say I have the ride right now. I had an old caddy, but '74 is too new. got rid of it. Then I've had a couple of VW's, 69 and 74, also no good, also gone. I'm hunting for a 52 caddy or a mid-60s split-door lincoln for my next project. I could be persuaded otherwise, though.

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                    Re: The ride

                    It's not about the hair guys, it's about a state of mind.

                    Greasers - Someone from the '50's or pretending to be !! who loves cars, old school Rock and Roll, and drinking

                    Pychobilly - new-age rockabilly or shall I say greaser, who also enjoys cars, old school rock and roll and drinking. But has an '80's punk edge and is not just dedicated to one era. it is an exaggerated version of the old school greaser.

                    either way, they are both influenced by the same grand daddy's of rock n' Roll
    • The real question is who's gonna kick ass in a rumble. My money's on the greasers. Psycho's are cooler but they don't like to mess up their clothes.

      P.S. Jenny O's a hottie....
      • Its all about the rumbles. Greasers love rumbles. personally, i dont like to get into that much shit, but it seems that trouble follows us. Everytime we go to any show, theres a fight. I dont mind a little action every weekend, its cus life is fucking boring and short that when you get out there and you see someone you dont like, you just have to take that opportunity. and if he's with his friends, you're with your friends, well you know the rest. and i mean, who doesnt love a good clean *cough**sure**cough* rumble??
      • I have my money on the Greasers too!!!!!! Love seein a mussed up pomp......

        P.S. Thank you Lupa :)
        • I'm somewhere in between. I grease my hair, but I listen to both stlyes of music. It's music, we're greasers, psycho's and family. Let's take it out on the real enemy....fuckin hippies.
          • "Let's take it out on the real enemy ... Fuckin hippies"

            too True !!! Too True !!!! LOL
            • Fuck the hippies. thats true but life aint like that. psychos and greasers will always have shit going on. but its always good to see psychos and greasers together. All my guys(not like that, you know what i mean) are greasers but a couple of my friends are psychos. what i hate about psychos though is that they pick on little kids. Fuck that. why dont you pick on someone your own size? Fucking Chavalas. Now, im not saying that all psychos are like that, but i hate that shit. and i listen to psycho music too, shit music is music. Its all about the grease though.
            • you know what i hate the most about this shit? and this isnt just psycho vs greaser. this is also psycho vs psycho, greaser vs greaser, and its that fucking people like to stereotype. Shit im Mexican. Im a Mexican greaser, and im proud to be Mexican. Why does it have to be that most white greasers or psychos dont accept us just for the simple fact of being Mexicans? we can throw chingazos just like(if not better) than them. Fuck those fucking racist motherfuckers. and if you're one of them, well what can i say? besides FUCK YOU. Im Mexican that doesnt mean im less than you putos. VIVA LA GRAZA.
              • I guess you would come across that alot living in the US. I am from Vancouver, Canada and you very seldom see anyone getting descrimated for thier race, I am really sorry to hear that there are rockabilly brothers and sisters out there that hold that additude, obviously they are not TRUE to thier scene or they would realize that being rockabilly is about being an individual, and all the grand daddy's of rockabilly were not white !!! Maybe they better change thier style to Oi and fuck off !!
              • Oh baby I accept you >:)~
                The Vegas chapter of Los Creeps are some of my best friends......
                • Chales pues tu sabes. Viva la Graza!!!
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                    I live in Detroit, and there aren't that many greasers here. Really no psychos at all. We all know each other and get along famously because it is such a small community. I have actually never seen a fight break out at any greaser gathering. We just chat and have beer. We just sort of acknowledge each other as being into the same thing. As for the hair question, I use Murray's for hold and Blue Magic for shine, but of course, as stated earlier, the hair doesn't really matter. I do like it though. Of course when it's really hot and humid and my curls start rebelling. Yeah, we're tough, aren't we? Wanna win a fight against a greaser? Touch his hair. He'll recoil in terror, thinking of the hour it took him. I speak from experience. Not the fight part, just touching my hair.

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